Drink, Play, Loathe


A loving relationship ended in flames and I got fired from my job in the same month, and I went travelling to try and heal my stupid heart. In a quiet way, it kind of worked, but in a much more immediate, obvious way, it was a monumental, soul-shattering cock up. And monumental, soul-shattering cock ups make for great stories!

The Station

The pain that started it all.

Drink, Play, Loathe: The Trip

Pre-journey: the big stupid plan, outlined.

Drink, Play, Loathe: Day 1, Paris

“I’d sooner be impaled on the sharpened ends of a hundred selfie sticks than buy one.”

Drink, Play, Loathe: Day 2, Paris

“As I write this I’m sitting in a bookshop cafe, next to a park with pink and yellow flowers. My coffee is finished yet I’m lingering as I have fallen in love.”

Drink, Play, Loathe: Suck It And See

“If my soul has a song, this is it.”

Drink, Play, Loathe: Day 3, Paris

“Beyond the gate, the walls are no longer formed from stone, but row upon row of bones, endless ranks of skulls and femurs, stretching away into the darkness.”

Drink, Play, Loathe: Day 3.5, Last Night in Paris

“If you’re a girl and you really want to get shagged, and you don’t particularly care who by or if your man has petrified cuboids of vomit in his beard, let me tell you: this hostel is the place to go.”

Drink, Play, Loathe: Day 4, Barce-Loner

“I wished for death, but no such relief was afforded me.”

Drink, Play, Loathe: Day 5, Barce-Loner

“This is the beginning of anything you want.”

Drink, Play, Loathe: Day 6, Venice by Moonlight

“Our boat veered far away from the land, and in the dark I lost sight of the shore. It looked frightfully as though we were heading out to sea.”

Drink, Play, Loathe: Day 7, Venice by Sunlight

“He has the rudder jammed between his bum cheeks, and is steering by swaying his hips. What on earth is going on.”

Drink, Play, Loathe: Day 7.5, Venice After Dark

“He left me for a man. He likes vibrators in his arse,’ Hannah shrugged, and took a sip of her drink.

Drink, Play, Loathe: Day 9, Riga

“I tried to find the toilets and accidentally stumbled into a backroom poker game. Five burly men in black leather jackets sitting in a cloud of cigarette smoke slowly turned towards me as one, their chairs creaking audibly in the aggressive silence.”

Drink, Play, Loathe: Day 10, Riga

“She circled her favourite bars on my map, and recommended me one in particular; she told me she’d be heading there that evening. She finished her additions by signing her name at the bottom.”

Drink, Play, Loathe: The End

“The future is unwritten.”

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