Prague Day 2: Pissing Off Australians


After our sleepless storm-hammered odyssey the previous evening, Dave, Alfie and I were finally allowed to crumble into our bunks at 3pm. I awoke three hours later; I was overtired and couldn’t sleep for nauseating nightmare flashes. It was dark and we’d missed the whole day, and we didn’t have the will or the strength to venture out again that evening in search of a party. Being homeless in a foreign city during a storm tends to quench your thirst for adventure a little. Continue reading

Surfing at Cayton Bay

I love travelling because I love new experiences, and I’m always searching for a new novelty. There’s no greater feeling than discovery, be it a new band to explore, a new person to get to know, or a new hobby to get to grips with. This weekend, on a cloudless Sunday morning, I hopped in a car with three friends and we headed to Cayton Bay, just south of Scarborough, for an afternoon of surfing in the mild spring sun. Continue reading