Here is an image of me, looking far more composed than usual.

Hello, I’m Dan.

Here is what this section used to say:

‘I’m 25, I can’t grow a decent beard, I dance like a dad, and I regularly make an arse of myself publicly. I make absolutely terrible decisions when travelling, and frequently nearly perish as a result. My willpower is crap, common sense is lacking, and I’m terrible with money. I’m incredibly trusting, slow to anger and I have only been punched twice in my whole life, with both events taking place in takeaways at 4am. I don’t even like kebabs.’

It is no longer accurate, because I am now 26 and my beard is pretty good. The rest remains the same, however.

I’m loathe to put my email address on here because spam is irritating but ugh, here you go: dan (DOT) hackett (AT) hotmail (ANOTHER DOT) com.