Travel Envy


The green eyed monster doesn’t only rear its ugly head in relationships. Since I got back from my round the world trip in 2014 (almost two years ago, FUCK), I’ve met a lot of people who have travelled as well, many of whom did a similar route to myself, and many who have seen and done far more than me.

And it pisses me right off. Continue reading

What To Expect in a Hostel


If you’ve never been backpacking before, it’s likely you’ve never experienced the sweet mayhem of hostels.

If you go travelling for an extended period of time to pretty much any country in the world, chances are you’ll wind up in a hostel sooner or later. Before visiting one, many people (my old self included) picture hostels as grim places – cheap, slept in bunk beds, grimy backpackers, grimier bathrooms, no personal space… and to be honest, that’s exactly right.

The thing is, though, they’re brilliant. Continue reading