f1c0f1293044016e547faa9a481ab475 I write short stories when I’m feeling especially inspired. They’re invariably odd, because life is odd. Enjoy. The Goblin Racist A coming of age tale about an old woman who is forced to confront her massive racism towards the (admittedly hideous) goblins living in her local wood. Swallowed by a Big Whale A story about a big whale that swallows someone. It’s pretty wild. Fox Hunting in the Desert What would you do if you went to sleep in your bedroom and woke up in the middle of the desert? Travelling Back In Time To Break My Father’s Nose An upbeat exploration of the age-old question, ‘Who would win in a fight between you and your dad?’ Companions A story in which replicants of long-dead celebrities can be hired for tacky corporate events.
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