New Zealand

I spent July/August in 2014 on the Kiwi Experience bus travelling around New Zealand. I’m going to be frank, I didn’t expect a lot from a country I mostly associated with Hobbits and fuckloads of sheep. I pictured New Zealand as a slightly more hilly England, and had booked it as part of my world trip on other people’s recommendations, rather than my own burning desire to visit.

I was pleasantly surprised.

I wrote a diary every day when I was there, but it is pretty sparse to say the least. Here is the exhilarating account of my first day in Auckland, lifted exactly as it’s written in my spidery handwritten diary.

“After airport tranfser, arrived in Auckland. Met Dan, went to sky tower during the day. Had a cool day.Went on a bar crawl in’t evening.Got a tad steaming.Met Katie, Alex, Andy, Dan.”

Fascinating. Over the next few pages, rather than peddle you more of that drivel, I’ve strained my memory to dredge up a few more interesting details of my time in the achingly beautiful, hobbit infested, sheep riddled, adrenaline wired New Zealand.

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