Berlin Diaries – 9th October Part 2


Okay, the dates on these are all messed up. Oh well.

After a much needed sleep through most of Saturday, I was sat up in bed when Michelle breezed in at 6pm, straight from the club where she’d been for the past 13 hours. She looked like she was just coming back from a quick visit to the shops. I don’t understand that girl. She quickly showered and headed back out to a house party. She invited me and I declined, like a sane human being. Continue reading

The Berlin Diaries – 5th October

Yesterday was my first full day in Berlin, and it still hasn’t sunk in that I’m here to stay. It feels like I’m visiting a friend or something. I still haven’t been hit with the full understanding that I’ve left my home country and am now jobless and homeless in a country whose language I don’t speak. You’d think that sentiment would be unnerving, but I feel calm. I’m sure full realisation will hit at some point this weekend, most likely when I’m staggering into a 16 person dorm room at 11am having been awake since 8am the previous day, and the full existential horror of how doomed I am will hit me. Oh well. Continue reading

The Berlin Diaries – 4th October

Right, before we begin, shut up. I am well aware that ‘The Berlin Diaries’ is a precocious and self-important title to give to what will more than likely be a brief series of inarticulate drunken ramblings until I drop off the radar into the bass-soaked alcohol-warped wormhole that is Berlin. Nonetheless, I’m going to have a jolly good pop at documenting my time in this most unorthodox of cities. Whether anything in ‘The Berlin Diaries’ will be even remotely un-shit remains to be seen. You’re as much a spectator as I am. Stick around, let’s see what happens. Continue reading