Oi oi.

So you’ve stumbled across my site. Cool.

Well, I’m Dan. Please, gaze upon this massive picture of my face, from back when I visited the Eiffel Tower:

image1 (5).jpegThis is my backpacking/travel/general misadventure blog. What you can expect to find within these hallowed pages, unless something has gone horribly wrong (and it may well have), are stories of various trips around the world which I have been lucky enough to undertake.

Hmm. Actually, lucky might not be the word. It is true that within these webpages you will find backpacking stories featuring strange lands, outlandish characters, and awe inspiring beauty. It is also true that you will find catastrophic humiliation, a ton of creative swearing, and stacks of evidence that points to my survival being down to nothing more than disgusting amounts of luck.

I lived in the mad city that is Berlin from 2016 to 2018; highlights of my time there include wild day parties, virtual reality orgies, and psychedelic urban exploration. After a journey through India, Nepal and Japan earlier this year, I am currently living in Melbourne. It’s early days but it’s been lovely so far, though I fully expect everything to come crashing down splendidly around me in the not-so-distant future. Watch this space.

I love backpacking more than anything else in the world. Only problem is, I’m shit at it, thanks to bad luck, worse decisions, and no willpower.

I apologise in advance.