Here’s a dose of what I’ve been up to recently…

I wrote this piece for the Metro recently, about my love life. A week later, the BBC hit me up for an interview on Radio 5Live, which was fun and also terrifying.

I contemplated which instrument was the sexiest for No Taste mag, followed up by a fiftieth anniversary review of Black Sabbath’s debut.

I interviewed a travel guide on the do’s and don’ts of meeting a geisha in Kyoto for Wanderlust Magazine.

How to travel for free and  9 things that’ll happen when you go home for Christmas were two fun articles I wrote for uni fashion/lifestyle site Student High Street.

This piece for InsideJapan Tours explores the origins of Maneko Neki – Japan’s army of vacant waving cats.

I wrote this mad article for Unilad back in 2016, detailing my experiences at a virtual-reality orgy in Berlin. Every bit as bonkers as it sounds.

Of all the articles I wrote for dating company EliteSingles, How to escape a bad date (nicely) and Famous couples from history were my favourites.

And finally, below you can see Night Watch, a script I created for Radio Sheffield.