A Sliver of Book, A Side of Chatter

Alright. Let us begin with:

The Siege of Pugglemunt, Chapter Seventeen: An Excerpt

They had crested the horizon: the view was clear from the Magic Tower. In one great, rippling, flesh-and-leather coloured mass, the dark horde was approaching from the west, moving fast across the fields surrounding Pugglemunt. Thin plumes of black smoke went up from every home and hovel they rode past. I was glad I’d given the order to summon all surrounding villagers to the keep. Actually, hang on a second—

“Quince, did I give the order to summon all surrounding villagers to the keep?”

“No, my liege.”


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Bristol: Poison and Punch Ups and Jacob Marley’s Ghost


Plenty has happened in a relatively short space of time – relative, that is, specifically to the age of me, Dan, rather than the Byzantine Empire or the moon or a housefly, because these things would throw that qualifier way out of whack. Come to think of it, I wish I’d not used it. But then if I only said ‘in a short space of time’, you might have thought I meant twelve minutes, or a nanosecond, and that would be ridiculous. So here, let me try again: a lot has happened in the last two weeks (Earth weeks, naturally). Continue reading