In Case You’re Wondering What The Hell Is Going On

Hello you.

It’s been a while no?

That’s because my website shit its own pants and deleted everything I ever wrote. Guh.

Luckily, because I’m so devilishly clever, I made a backup. Unluckily, because I’m only devilishly and not angelically clever, which is the cleverest of all, I made the backup last summer and never did another. This is why I was able, thanks to the help of a very kind and technically knowledgeable friend, to restore most but not all of my articles.

Everything up to Serbia is still there, which is nice, but Hungary, Morocco, Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Colombia are not. Alas. I will therefore be very slowly re-uploading these articles over the next few weeks, with a lot of grunting and sighing. But I’m gonna do Colombia first because, like, I’m here now, so yeah. It makes sense.

Okay, that’s that.

Not sure how to end this post.


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