Cuba Day 3 – Varadero Purgatory

On the third day of my Cuban trip, I visited Varadero. DON’T GO THERE. It is shit.

Check it out…

Woke up miraculously hangover free. Must have sweat it out, as some random Turkish girl took it upon herself to switch the AC off in the night, boiling us all to death.

Went out for brek with Martin and Sanya or however you spell it – the two Germans. Walked to the malicon, then bought bananas from a cart and found a bakery where we got a couple of weird looking buns for a few pence. Bought water and went back to the casa where our taxi soon arrived.

Said goodbye to our friends and hopped in. Two hour drive to Verdanero or wherever we are now. Saw a lot of lush countryside while the Germans where asleep. Driver seemed to enjoy driving on the wrong side of the wrong and just nipping back into the right lane a millisecond before a truck screamed past.

Got to the town, our hostel was full. Got sent to another one after many excited squeels and kisses from the owner. Old couple, bit strict but seem keen to please and friendly enough.


Left our bags and went to the beach. Sea was warm and a gorgeous turquoise. Floated about for a bit then went to a nearby hotel for wifi, which my phone seems to choose to ignore, which is gooood.

Then went to a bank, then the shittest ‘hop on hop off’ bus in the entire world. A more accurate description would have been ‘hop on and never hop off because this bus goes past literally nothing remotely fucking interesting’. Took about two hours driving around the depressingly empty hotels. Started weighing up the pros and cons of suicide.

Finally got off the bus, went to enquire about snorkelling but the place was shut. Went to a hotel/supermarket thing. Bought a bottle of rum for about a quid. Went to the beach and set about getting hammered until monstrous storm clouds rolled over. Fled into the complex, sent a post card, then wondered over to the bus stop about 38 seconds before the most torrential downpour I’ve ever witnessed began.

varadero rain

Got drenched but was pissed as a fart so it was fun.  Finally caught a taxi back – which Martin still insisted on haggling with, despite rain thrashing down around us and lightning splitting the sky with such fury it was as if Zeus had stood on a Lego.

Day 3 Part 2

Passed out after trying to just rest my eyes for a second. Woke up around 10pm, rain still hammering down. Went to a restaurant next door to the casa which seems to be Cubas most expensive restaurant – about 25cuc for spag bol. Fuck that noise. Got a taxi for a Cuc further down the road but everywhere was shut – ‘Hola, avierto?’ ‘No, closed.’

Found the Cuban equivalent of a Saturday night kebab shop and ordered a panini each and two pizzas for about 3 quid total. Basic food but filling. Wondered back to the hostel in the humid drizzle.


Tomorrow’s Entry:

Day 4: Sunburn and Mafioso Mansions

“There are no photos of this day because I was smashed the whole time.”

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