Drink, Play, Loathe: Suck It And See

Just a quick post today while I’m in the epicentre of an inspiration earthquake; all shook up. I’m tidying the flat and playing music and drinking wine, and it’s not quite sunny outside but it’s not so far off, and it’s always sunny above the clouds, anyway.

I want to share my favourite album with you, because it’s helped me through a hell of a lot of sad times, and it’s been the soundtrack to so many sunsets, and maybe it’ll help you, too. During my Europe trip, I must have played this album end to end and back two dozen times. Arctic Monkeys, Suck It and See. Maybe their most overlooked album, because it doesn’t really fit in anywhere, nothing to say about society and no memorable riffs, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t music to dream to, to fall in and out of love to, to come alive to.

Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t, but on the off chance that this music might help you like it helped me, here you go: in my opinion, one of the most uplifting, brilliantly optimistic, and wonderful songs ever written. It sounds like the beginning and the end of everything; if my soul has a song, this is it. Listen to this song, listen to the whole album, lie on your bed with the windows open and close your eyes and let the spring air roll in,  and you’ll feel it: everything’s going to work out alright, in the end.

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