So I’m Writing a Book


Hello there, you lovely swine, you. Guess what.

I’m writing a book.

That’s right, a proper, word-count-and-plot-and-character-development-having book. I have published a few short stories on here over the past couple of months to try my hand at it, and after weeks of dicking about, I’m going to take a leaf out of the Roman Empire’s book and stop talking about things and just fucking do them.

I’m 2000 words in thus far. At its core, it is a fairy tale, with all the things you ever hated about fairytales wrung out and washed away down the plughole. Fairytales teach morals to children to help them grow. When we were small, they taught us lessons like the importance of bravery and loyalty in the face of adversity, and the difference between good and evil. But now we have Donald fucking Trump as the baron of the realm. Something, somewhere, went wrong.

The Disneyfied tales of our youth devoted all their efforts to teaching certain morals above others. My story is going to shuffle the deck a little, and give priority to morals and mindsets that rarely see the light of day in the realms of fantastical fiction.

Give me two months. I’ve got this.

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