To All The Writers Out There: Try This

Given that this is a blog, I’m going to have a wild stab in the dark and say a few people reading it are writers, or aspiring ones. Me too. If it’s the case, I’ve got something for you. I’ve been playing around doing this little task I made up recently, and it’s great. If you fancy, here it is:

Grab a pen, open a blank word doc, whatever. Start writing. It doesn’t matter what. First sentence can be ‘this is such bullshit’. Keep going. Write another sentence – don’t think about it. Just the first thing that follows. It can be ‘why am I wasting my time doing this’. Keep going. ‘I could be anywhere right now’. Keep writing. ‘I want to be far away.’ Keep writing. Maybe it starts to get dark. ‘I hate it here’. Keep writing.

Keep your fingers moving, let the words fall out of your head. See where it gets you. After about 200 words, read it back. When you open up your subconscious and let thoughts tumble out, you end up with some pretty surprising stuff. If you write something brilliant, or hilarious, or profound, or shit, send me a link, I’d love to read it.

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