Noufin Speshŭl


Nothin’ special, novel or urgent; I feel good so I started writing because I wanted to see what would come out, and hey, here you go…


I wanna right today

And maybe a little wrong with the wry half smile

Cos im young as fuck, man

And I can feel it

In my arms

In my legs and down my spine

Static on my scalp,

These are the best days you know,

When ive had my coffee with milk and ive added a sugar because I want to treat myself to something a little tastier than usual, sweet and delicious

Don’t need anything much more than that to feel wonderful

And I want to share it with you,

Because I wish everyone could feel this way

Maybe they do already, but maybe not, and either way its worth a punt to spread a little cheer because above the clouds the sky’s always blue and its easy to forget that when you tread the cold concrete on the work commute, but

I can’t shake this feeling like the suns out even when its not, you know?

And sometimes it takes all my restraint to not dance in the street

And then of course you just dance anyway

And when you ride the morning train you can hold on tight

Or let go of everything,

Try it; you think you’ll fall but you won’t,

I promise

And theres nobody on this earth I cant make a friend of

Im sure of it, im good at it, people like me because I like them, I cant help it, you see what you wanna see and if you wanna see good then youre set for life,

I don’t know what goes on in my brain, I don’t know how those chemicals and flesh plot to twist my lips into a smile, but they do,

Sometimes a frown or a sigh may show;

its to be expected yet unrepresentative

But today,


It feels so good to be alive.

Can you feel it?

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